Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up Link Up

Highlights in Our Homeschool this Week ...

Katie has been completing the quizzes on "The Warriors" website (her idea). 
The girls have been making a miniature village out of paper after starting one at their friend's house.
Chris started writing a prequel to his Daisy and Max series.
The kids have been watching "Beakman's World" on Netflix (Thanks Heidi @ Home Schoolroom).
Chelsea made a "thankful book" in addition to the "thankful trees" they are working on every day.
Katie has been completing  Barb's mammal grid at The Handbook of Nature Study. (She has been using Daisy, Sasha, Sheba, and Bentley as test subjects.)
Chris wrote an expository essay about his favorite holiday.

We're Reading...

Chris is reading #4 in The Inheritance Cycle.  He read Amos Fortune Free Man and has started Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes.
Katie is reading #4 in the second Warrior series.  She read The Courage Of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh.
Chelsea is reading The Boxcar Children #23 and is reading Indian Captive: The Story Of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski.
Katie and Chelsea read The American Girl books Meet Molly and Molly Learns a Lesson to Sarah and Lily (their American Girl dolls.)
I am reading The Hobbit to everyone.
I read Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock (if you need a good cry, this is the book to read) and Eight Keys Suzanne Lafleur.

Places We're Going...

geography club-Egypt, ballet, and on Sunday a ballet production of "Hansel and Gretel."

Things I'm Working on...

working with the kids to sort toys to donate to Goodwill and still faux painting bricks on the school room walls.

My Favorite Resource this Week... ... Chris occasionally need extra practice that his Singapore Math book doesn't provide.  This week we have used these fraction worksheets for extra practice.

I'm Cooking...

Parmesan-crusted chicken, meatloaf, lasagna, pork loin,chili, and spaghetti.

My Favorite Quote this Week...

From Katie to Chelsea: "What's wrong sad sack ?"

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