The Pets

Sheba is 11 years old.  She adopted us when we lived in Florida.  She is a mixed short- haired American Tabby.  She loves to curl up on any soft surface and bask in the sun.  She tolerates Sasha, but has nothing nice to say about Bentley. 

Sasha is our 6 year old Golden Retriever.  She loves to swim, go on the boat, play with Bentley, and eat.  She is the perfect dog.  She is the reason we got Bentley.

Bentley is our Golden Retriever puppy.  On June 29th, he turned one year old.  Bentley loves to steal shoes, my yarn, and anything that he can run off with.  He loves to chew on Sasha's ears and torment Sheba.

This is Max.  He's a Bearded Dragon.  He's a year and eight months old.  His favorite foods are: kale, apples, zucchini, squash, cantaloupe, and crickets.  Max likes to play with me, eat crickets, and bask on his rock (which is also a cave that he sometimes naps in.)  When I feed Max crickets or play with him, he'll turn orange and yellow.  (I think it's because he's happy.)
-written by Chris

Daisy is a dwarf rabbit.  Her birthday is May 1st.  She is white with red eyes.  Her favorite treat is rice pops.  In her cage, she has a red barn.  She likes to play with us in her play pen.  She is a good little bunny.
-witten by Katie and Chelsea

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